Poor Hank.

He has a problem issue fascination obsession with rocks.

He has rocks everywhere.

In his food bowl.

Beside his food bowl.

And beside the back door.

Yes, all of the rocks were left here by Hank.

He knows he can’t bring them in the house, so he leaves them just outside the door.

To demonstrate this phenomena, I put this rock in front of him and told him to sit.

I’m mean like that.

Not really.

Hank loves me the best.

Then after a few seconds I told him he could have it.

And then this is what Hank proceeds to do.

In this position.

Picking up the rock(s).

At any random time….day or night, we may see him.

In this position.

Picking up rocks.

It’s been known to scare young children.

Notice something about this picture?

He’s picking up two rocks.

And he has been known to carry around three rocks at a time.

Everywhere he goes and in everything he does, he usually has a rock in his mouth.

I should call someone about this.

Animal Planet maybe?

Or Dr. Phil?

And ya wanna know the weird(er) thing about it?

Hank’s name was not Hank before he came to live with us…

…you’ll never guess…

was Rock.

2 Comments on Hank Has A Problem

  1. I think Hank is fine just the way he is! I know it is a little different, but I think it is great that he can embrace his passion. Of course, I say this knowing that my own children have supported his habit by bringing him bags of rocks from other locations, as though he did not have enough of his own.

  2. Jordan K. says:

    Such a cute little story about Hank! I’ve known a couple dogs that have “obsessions” with rocks…I think every pet has their quirks, so it makes them all special! He sure is handsome, and I love that he’s got his little stashes of rocks in various places! LOL

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