I’m not one to get stressed, but for the past few days and looking ahead to my weekend has caused me to feel…. pressure I guess I’ll put it. I have so much going on and have so many to-do lists written out I can’t keep up with all my lists!

Tomorrow is a 5-mile day and as busy as I may be, I’m not giving that up. I’ll get up earlier in the morning to clear my mind before the real busy-ness starts.

Clark and I are making a quick trip to the car dealership in the morning. Clark has already test driven a new (new for us) Toyota Prius and all the paperwork has been drawn. All we have to do is sign and drive. That will be a fun thing to do to start off the weekend! I’m especially looking forward to the 40+ mpg!

Then tomorrow afternoon, 100% of my attention will be devoted to Rachel and Hollis. I photographed Rachel’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, and I’m looking forward to seeing the family again tomorrow to photograph her and Hollis’ wedding, too. Soooooo, lots to get ready for that!

Sunday afternoon, I’ll shift gears again to pack and get for our cruise which sets sail Monday. I am looking forward to it, but only once it gets here. By the time I get everything ready to go, I’ll sure be needing a vacation! And I can’t help but to have a few butterflies, too.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Have a great time on the cruise and hooray for a new car!

  2. whew you did have a busy weekend. hope yall are loving your new car, and we had such a fantastic time yesterday!!! Thank you for everything, cant wait to see more pictures after your cruise! enjoy your vacation!!!! 🙂

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