I’m so thankful to have today to catch up on my long to-do list that some how accumulates when I’m gone.  Crazy how that happens!??  Anyway….lots of email, housecleaning, laundry and of course, blogging.  🙂

For obvious reasons, we put off Saturday’s run until Sunday instead.  And what should have been a 9-miler turned out to be only a 4-miler for me.  The pain in my right knee and leg was even too bad to push through or even try to walk.  I called Joseph to come and pick me up.  Boo.

I’m thinking of just taking this week off and fully recooping, I’m just not sure…I’m tired of whining about it!  This Saturday we’re signed up to run in the Fairhope Mullet Run (5K) and I don’t want to miss that for sure, so I suppose I’ll play this week by ear.

Today’s lunch was not a typical lunch.  It was so cool out this morning and I was wanting something hot, gooey and satisfying to fill my belly.  Then I remembered the hot oatmeal I had for breakfast every morning last week on the cruise ship.

Ahhh…the thought of

brown sugar,

sliced almonds,


dried cranberries,

and a touch of cinnamon.

You get where I’m going with this!?

You smell what I’m stepping in?

Hot, gooey oatmeal for lunch=fabulous choice!

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