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While Clark may have enjoyed visiting the Mayan Ruins, Cozumel was definitely my favorite.  I loved the breezy-ness and simplicity of the island.  It just seemed like the perfect, right-out-of-a-movie getaway.

Iguanas were in abundance and ran around just like squirrels do in my yard!

Instead of actually booking an excursion, we rented a car instead and went out on our own.  I’m so glad we did, because it was so much fun!  We rode for abit, got out and took a swim (on a totally isolated beach that we had to ourselves), then we’d get back in the car and drive a little more until we decided to stop again!

The views, scenery and water was breathtaking.

The locals had small shanties set up all along different beach fronts selling their goods.

And the sand wasn’t really sand at all, but ground up coral that over the years has smoothed because of the water constantly flowing over it.

We stopped at a local restaurant overlooking the water.  I asked our waiter how often they have customers to which he replied, “no ship, no people”.  There was one other couple eating there besides us.  We sat at this outdoor table.

The food was better than delicious.  The salsa was genuinely authentic with a hint of lime and was to die for with warm, toasty pita chips for dipping.  We both ordered the fajitas and they were just as tasty.  I’ll never look at ‘Americanized’ Mexican food the same again!

That’s it!  I hope you’ve enjoyed going on vacation with us!  I’ll soon post Cruising 101 to give you some helpful pointers that I learned about cruising along the way. I’ll also show you the souvenirs I bought!

This is the sunset from later that evening after boarding the ship to head home.

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  1. what a fun trip!!!!! i think i would have loved the cozumel part too (well all of it of course)….. glad yall had fun!

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