It’s true.

Let me first replay the conversation that took place between me, Clark and our waiter ten days ago as we sat at an outdoor restaurant in Mexico.

Waiter:  What would you like to drink?

Clark:  I would love to have a glass of tea.

Sam:  No, you know what we were told about the water.

Clark:  But this is tea, it’s boiled.

Me:  No, get a soda.

Waiter:  Senor?

Me:  You’re going to get sick.

Clark:  Nah, it’ll be okay.

Me:  No, don’t get it.

Waiter:  Senor?

Clark:  Yes, bring me tea.

Now, fast forward to this weekend.

Do I need to tell you exactly what’s been going on in my house over the last few days?

Let’s just say Clark won’t drink any more tea while in Mexico, I’ve spent $55 on an antibiotic to treat his intestinal infection and I’ve gone through a can of Lysol.

I told him not to get the tea.

I haven’t told him “I told you so” once.

I’ve told him hundreds of times!  🙂




2 Comments on You Know What They Say About the Water in Mexico?

  1. That sounds rough! Hope he feels better soon. You are a very wise woman!

  2. jenny harper says:

    Our former pastors wife got sick and almost died when they were missionaries in the D.R.They traced it back to strawberries washed in local water at a restaurant.

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