It was so good to get back on the road this week after taking some time off.  I was going stir crazy, but remained disciplined to allow my many leg pains time to feel better.  Earlier in the week we started off by just walking a couple of miles, took a day off in between, the set out for an easy 4 miles.

Walking is honestly a nice break because it gives us time to catch up and simply talk about life.  I also stopped and took pictures of the cotton.  Remember, when I told you that soon the cotton fields would look like fields of snow?

Then on our 4 mile run, I started having right knee pain (again) that forced me to take walk breaks (the pain totally goes away when I walk), so I finished out the remaining 2 miles running/walking. On a positive note, I had no other pain anywhere else other than my right knee.  I feel like all I’m doing is whining and complaining, because it seems every time I run I have a new pain somewhere.  🙁  I’m still trying to be positive and will just take it slow.

It was fun though to watch the cotton picker at work.  I’m so glad I was able to get those earlier pictures before the cotton was all picked!  If you look close enough, you can see Clark and Hank up ahead of me.

This is Mr. Jim.  He’s said many times that he loves picking cotton so much, he thinks God will have him picking cotton in Heaven!

You can see how the cotton has grown on these previous posts:  Today’s Run Was Better and Walkin’ in High Cotton.

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