Since we last spoke,

1.  I did my strengthening workout outdoors and loved it.  The weather is perfect and it’s not as drab as being stuck indoors.

The only problem though is there are a couple of distractions to deal with.  😉2.  We watched Auburn Clintball Football against LSU (like seriously, the # 1 team in the SEC and I think they all are as big as The Incredible Hulk!).  We’re so proud of our boy, Clint.  We’ve literally watched him grow up and it was almost like having my own child out there on that field!

3.  I made this awesome salad.  I really don’t know what to call it.  I’ve seen it called Bama Caviar or Fiesta Salad, but I’m not sure this qualifies for such fancy names.  I didn’t have all the ingredients those salads called for, so I just kinda made this up.  But it’s very versatile and you can incorporate it with other meals very easily.  I’ll post a more “official” recipe later.

Yesterday I had it as a side for lunch and this morning I added a couple of spoonfuls (along with some spinach) to my egg white scrambled eggs.

4.  I bought this magazine (Simple & Delicious-Easy Meal for Busy People).  Uh…hello!?  You had me at Easy!  For only $3.99 it’s loaded with recipes.  And one of its promos read:  17 meals in 30 minute or less—I’m listening!

5.  I’m clipping coupons again.  Someone recently asked me if I was still using coupons.  The answer is a yes and no.  Back in February/March when I loaded up my stockpile little did I know it would last me this long.  I thought I may could get 3 months use from it, but it’s lasted me 6 months and I’m not completely out of everything yet!  That makes me do the happy dance!

Here’s what my stockpile looked like earlier in the year.

So no I haven’t been couponing to add to my stockpile, because it’s been full, but yes I still use coupons when I can with my weekly grocery shopping.  Clipping coupons has cut my grocery spending in half.

Here’s what it looks like today.  Having my stockpile has really helped me see what products I use most so when I re-stock I’ll know better what to buy or what not to buy.

But my stockpile is running very low now, so it’s time to re-supply it and build my coupon binder again.  I’ll keep you updated on how I do.

What’s coming up:

*I’ll be posting Menu Planning on a Budget to correlate with the recent Grocery Shopping on a Budget post.  I’d love to know your thoughts on that and your own ways of saving money with your grocery shopping.
*Roast for dinner tonight.  I can’t decide to put it in the crockpot as I always do or roast it in the oven.
*I’m buying a Mac!  Insert big girl squeal!!  This computer is knocking on death’s door and I’m about to push it right on through!  I’ve been riding the fence between another PC or forking over the cash for a Mac (I’ve heard all the great things about a Mac), but this recent blog article I found sealed the deal for me.  It’s a very interesting read if you’re also considering the leap.
*I’m also working on a post to highlight those pumpkin recipes that a couple of commentors graciously left for me.  It’s not too late to have yours included in the post.  Simply comment here or send me an email and I’ll include it in the post!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I could learn a lot from you on couponing. Wow, I’m impressed!

    I’m sad the AU-LSU game was so bad but LSU has a great time. Both my husband and I are Auburn Alums. Great to see some other Auburn fans in the blogging world!

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