Just sharing some random useless information about yours truly.  Going through the alphabet, these are the words that came to mind.

A-Alarm Clock.  My alarm clock goes off way too early (4:00 a.m.) on most mornings.

B-Breast Cancer.  I have two close friends who were both recently diagnosed.  My heart is heavy for them both.

C-Cozumel.  I so enjoyed being there recently and would love to go back for a longer visit.

D-Drive-I drive way too fast (usually because of “L”).

E-Expectations.  I have high expectations of myself and usually of those around me…which can cause problems!

F-Family.  I’d rather be with my family than anyone else in the world.  They are everything to me.

G-God.  I honestly don’t know how people survive in this world without Him.

H-Home.  My home is my sanctuary…..messy, but my sanctuary.

I-iPhone.  How in the world did I make it in the cellular world before the iPhone was invented!?

J-Joseph.  The second most important man in my life.

K-Kitchen.  I absolutely loathe my kitchen.  Anybody want to remodel it for me?  For free?  (see “M”)

L-Late.  Although I don’t like to be, I’m usually late.  (see “D”)

M-Money.  Or the lack of it.

N-Neice.  I have two and they own most of my heart.

O-Ocean.  I would live on its shore 99.9% of the time if I could.

P-Pray.  I need to pray more often.

Q-Quilts.  I have a love affair with quilts.  New ones and old ones….I’ll never have too many.

R-Richardson.  My maiden name.

S-Sleep.  Six hours is usually all I get  (see “A”).

T-Travel.  I love to travel, but don’t get to do it too often.

U-United States.  My family and I have seen 38 states together.

V-Veterinarian.  What I always wanted to be as a little girl.

W-Wasps.  The only bug/insect/animal/anything I’m afraid of.

X-X Ray.  I’ve have X Rays taken of me, but I’ve never had a broken bone.

Y-Yellowstone National Park.  My favorite place on earth to visit.

Z-Zac Brown Band.  A quote from one of his songs, “the only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair”.

Happy Weekend!  What’s your plans?

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  1. Great list! I can relate to several of these. Have a great weekend!

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