Normally making a trip to Birmingham is not that big of deal.  We’ve made the trip many many times for shopping, football and baseball games, conferences and weddings.

But this weekend was much different.

This weekend was the first trip we’ve made since my family officially moved there in September.  We went specifically to be with them…to celebrate Abigail’s 4th birthday, as well as the Installation of my brother as a new staff member at Briarwood Presbyterian Church.

We drove up Saturday morning to meet them for a Fall Festival at Oak Mountain State Park.

Then we had a birthday party for Abigail.  Aunt Stacy and Grace made this Abby-requested, Barbie in a swimming pool, with a snowman, with a diving board and fish cake (of course she asked ‘where’s the snowman’-we told her he melted).

I think she liked it.

Sunday was the culmination of 11 years of praying to bring our family close to home.

Selfishly I prayed God would allow my brother to get this job in Birmingham so we could see them more, be together for birthdays and holidays, weekends, or just any kinda day.  But this weekend I was reminded that God also put him specifically in this new position for other people, too (and not just me).    I know he will be a blessing there.  🙂

Hope your day is filled with lots of candy and fun!


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  1. What a great weekend for you and your family! My husband is from Hoover and Oak Mountain State Park is one of the places he’s been promising to take me for years. After seeing your beautiful pictures I’m going to have to remind him again!

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