Remember last week when I told you I was coupon shopping again?

Remember when I showed you what my stockpile looked like earlier in the year?

And then I showed you what it looks like now?

Well I’ve learned something new about that.

Do not let your stockpile run empty.

Because I let my stockpile empty I feel like I’m starting all over again with my coupon shopping and rebuilding those empty pantry shelves.

Once my stockpile was full and good to last us for a few months, I thought I could continue to save money by using only my stockpile instead of continually supplying it.

What I SHOULD have been doing was buying and keeping it full all along instead of letting it empty and now having to start from scratch to resupply it again.

Lesson learned.  😉

Here are a few of the deals I got at Walgreen’s last week:

Digiorno Pizza-on sale-2/$10-less $1 in store coupon off of 2-I used 2-$2 off coupons=$2.50 each.
Jimmy Dean-on sale-2/$4-I used 2-$.75 coupons=$1.25 each
Campbell’s Soup-on sale-2/$3-I used 1 coupon for $1.50 off of 4 cans=$1.13 each
Finesse Shampoo-on sale-$1.99-I used 1 coupon $1.00 off of 1=$.99 each

Have you been coupon shopping lately?  What good deals have you gotten and what have you learned about coupon shopping?

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