I am thankful that our bank decided to retract their riduculous decision to charge an additional $4 debit card fee. We were just at the point of changing banks and if you’re like us, it was going to be a nightmare to have all of that changed with opening a new bank account somewhere else. But thankfully, I don’t have to think about that again right now. They are also going to refund any debit fees they have already deducted from my account.

Now on another note. I was in bed by 7 p.m. last night, so not much to report from my dirt road. I ate a quick bowl of oatmeal for supper and went right to sleep. No picture to post either, well…..’cause I was in bed by 7! Yes, I’m ancient as my children like to refer and I waste my life on sleep! 😉 But so be it. Waste away I say!

Hope your Thursday is a good one!