As I look over the Marathon Training Schedule this week, it’s hard not to think about where we should be right now with our running.  Oh how I wish we were there.  I still haven’t said I’m not running the marathon, but in reality I know I probably won’t be able to (see how I’m still saying probably?).  I just can’t give up the idea right now as badly as I’d love to run it.  But being I’m only running two miles at a time right now, it’s not looking very likely!! 😉

Since taking time off (the week turned into weeks) because of my knee pain, it’s really like starting over.  We’ve run twice this week at two miles each.  The first time this week I experienced knee pain at the mile and a half mark and finished out walking.  With today’s run, I felt the pain very close to mile two and it was tolerable enough to finish my run.  So I hope the last few weeks of rest has given it healing time.

And with that, it wasn’t so bad today after all.  The weather was perfect and my pace was good.

Mile 1:  10:41
Mile 2:  10:36

It’s almost Friday!  Where has this week gone.  It seems to have flown by!

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