I’m sure it seems that every time you’ve clicked on The More I Run lately it has probably looked different with each click!

I can’t help it!  It’s like moving furniture around until you get it in just the right spot.  I’ve been re-arranging now for the past few weeks and have been test driving several different designs….and I just haven’t felt good about any of them.

Until now.

Since the birth of this blog a little less than a year ago, I’ve literally watched and felt its growth into something so much more than I ever anticipated it would become.  What started out as a simple journal of random family and personal musings has matured into a motley of posts on nutrition, health and fitness, recipes and everyday quirky stories about my somewhat dysfunctional, loving family.

It’s funny how the first tag line I posted with the start of this blog read:

Which is pretty much how this blog began.  I spoke mostly of my family, my personal battles and my new love of running.  And while most of that is still the case, it’s even crazier to think of how much more it has become.

I suppose it has also shown the growth of me personally.  And with that I needed this blog to grow with me, too.  So I tried to sum up my thoughts as to what this blog means to me now.  And just as quickly as I started thinking, these three words popped into my head:  Food  Family  Fitness.

I think these words define exactly what this blog is all about.  Food:  Never would I have thought I’d be posting as much about food and nutrition with recipes on this blog.  Family:  I’m in love with each of them and they are who make my life entertaining.  And finally Fitness:  Never, ever would I have dreamt I would be teaching and sharing tips with you on running!  You may have just heard me laugh aloud to myself!  I for one would be the last person I would expect that could teach you something about fitness.  But it proves that if you set your mind to do something, you will achieve it.  Period. So please accept that as encouragement to you for what you have your sites set on as well.

Now don’t be surprised if the next time you click here it may still look a little differently than it does today.  I’m sure I’ll find something out of place or dusty and it’ll have to be moved and re-arranged again.  But for now, I hope you enjoy the all-new grown up look of The More I Run.

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  1. i LOVE LOVE this new look and tagline & colors. i love changing my blog design every now and then and letting it grow with me! 🙂

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