I’m thankful for PawPaw, aka Aunt Paula, Clark’s sister for always been a second mom to my kids.  She turned 43 on November 14th and just got engaged….for the first time.  Yep, never been married.  So needless to say, the new and upcoming “Uncle” Donnie had to get quite abit of approval before we all agreed to letting our PawPaw go so easily.  😉

I have a picture of her in her wedding gown she recently purchased, but she’d forever more kill me for posting it.  So no picture today.  But I’m sure next March 17th, I’ll have plenty of pictures to share with you.  I hear she has a fabulous photographer photographing her wedding.  😉

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  1. Reading this reminds me to be thankful for my own family and for the wonderful extended family I married into.

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