I’ve been Mac attacked!

Yay!  I’m thankful I finally received my new Macbook Pro along with Photoshop and Lightroom upgrades.  Because of lots of PC problems, I’ve been terribly backed up with several editing jobs.  I’m happy to start getting caught up and I know my clients will be happy, too.  😉


3 Comments on 30 Days of Gratitude-November 15th

  1. you are going to LOVE it!!!!!!! I am obsessed w/ my mac and wish i had photoshop! (i have elements but not for my mac… 🙁
    can’t wait to see rachels pictures!!

  2. I love my Mac! I think you will, too.

    This, of course, makes me grateful for technology and how much easier it makes our lives.

  3. So far it’s fabulous!!!! Erin, I’m almost done with the pictures!! 🙂

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