This is a post I’ve been pondering over for a while now.  Thoughts in my head that go away for a short time only to quickly return.

I’ve put this off thinking it wasn’t politically correct to actually share this on this blog.

But here goes nothing…..

I’m discouraged and in a rut.

I really do want to “just blog for myself” and not worry about the numbers-or the comments-or the Facebook fans-and some of the time I do-but for the most part I’m blogging for you, my readers-all 10 of you.  Okay it’s a few more than that; I’m exaggerating.  But not much more.

I blog, I blog and I blog and my readership stays the same.  The numbers are few.  The comments are rare (with the exception of a very few faithful, for which I am grateful).

I’ve tried so many different ways to improve.  I’ve offered give a ways, I’ve offered recipes, I’ve offered advice, I’ve offered encouragement only to find myself considering shutting it down all together.  I am mentally tired.

I have (practically) a full time job outside of the home (with a 2-hour commute), I have a part time professional job on the side and I’m still trying to be decent wife and mother (which itself is full time as well). All the while trying to take care of myself and keep up with my own personal interests.  I realize I’m not the only one; I know this is the average scenario of the American home.

But add the blogging to that mix.  For the most part, blogging is easy and I enjoy it.  But one thing that blogging is—it’s very time consuming.  There are posts that may only take a few minutes to write….most take hours to compose.  I put my entire self and energy into making sure a particular post is perfect…easy to read, easy to understand, with good pictures, researched well, sometimes just fun to read, but most of the time hoping it’s helpful to you.

I’m sorry to whine.  I’m hope you’re not offended.  But I honestly needed to get this off my chest.

I’ll blog again.  Because I enjoy it too much.  But for now, I’m taking a break.  I need to step away for just a bit, regroup and get over my pity party.

6 Comments on I Need to Vent

  1. Aww, I’ve been there – just an overwhelming sense of ‘What’s the point?’ Your content is great, so don’t second guess yourself on that front. There’s just so much noise out there these days.

    Hope you feel better soon and have a great holiday! 🙂

  2. I will miss you while you are gone, so I hope it isn’t too long. I enjoy reading everything you write. I like the pics too. I have learned alot about my camera and photography in general from you. I now take what I consider to be really good snapshots of my children/family.

  3. I’m so sorry things haven’t been going quite like you would want them to with your blog. I know this doesn’t work for everyone but I just blog for me and try not to pay attention to the numbers or I’ll go crazy!

  4. Aww don’t be so hard on your self.. Your
    Missing the point of all your doing, relax
    Enjoy and breath life. Or you may miss out
    On what life has. In one of your previous blogs
    You told friends n fellow bloggers fb etc enjoy
    Life get the most out of it. Sometimes it’s hard
    When the expection YOU set seem to not go
    As you seem please don’t count out US on the
    Other end though I may not respond because
    Of my obligations does not mean you haven’t
    Touched my life

    This too shall pass
    Can’t wait to read your next post

  5. I am horribly behind on reading everything in my google reader…. but I am catching up, and then i plan to update my blog too! anyway… just wanted to say that i feel your pain on the blogging rut and response you get. sometimes i wonder if anyone is reading at all, but i definitely blog for myself. i love the online journal aspect. however, i have found that the more i interact with other bloggers, the more they interact with me. i try to comment on everyone’s blogs, atleast every now and then. but if that blgoger never responds to me, then i dont “feel the love” so i quit commenting on their blog. I think its fun to have that kind of “friendship” through commenting. so maybe that will help?

    • I totally understand, Erin. Thanks for you encouragement! 🙂

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