Why is it I can never find matching socks?

I wear them.

I wash them.

I dry them.

Then I try to match them….unsuccessfully.

How to I have a drawer full of single socks with no mate?

I swear I sometimes think there’s a hidden compartment somewhere in the dryer that sucks up single socks.

Then when I finally do find a matching pair, this is what they look like!

I know it’s not just me….does your dryer eat your socks, too??

Moving on….

This afternoon’s run was even better than my last run.  We’re taking it slower but are going a little further each week.  I know it’s small steps, but I don’t want to overdo it.  I really wanted to try to make it a full three miles today, but I was only having a few knee twinges (instead of all out pain) and I didn’t want to push it.  Crazy enough though, I’m actually running a little faster now than I used to.

I’m also trying to pay attention to my running form.  I do think this is such an important component of running that is too often overlooked.  I’ll soon dedicate an entire post to correct running form, but I can tell the difference in how my legs and knees feel when run erect, with my back straight, elbows at my side while keeping my feet in line with my body (rather than pushing off with my toes or taking too long strides causing heel striking–but more on this later).

Supper tonight:  quick and easy Steak Sandwiches.

5 Comments on Who’s Stealing My Socks?

  1. I totally understand you! My husband will match two random socks together. I’ll get ready to go for a run and start putting my socks on and one is a thick sock and the other super thin. Ugh!

    • HI Sam! What a cute blog you have! I also love broccoli soup…had it for supper yesterday. 😉

  2. Looking forward to your post on running form. 🙂

  3. Good job on your run! I can’t wait to read your post on running form. I think I’m using good form, but sometimes I feel like I’m leaning out to much with my upper body and others days like I’m running with my upper body leaning back. !?
    Missing socks….there are too many here at my house!

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