The first step to recovery is admitting there’s a problem.

I admit it.

I have a problem.

I have obsessive compulsive tendencies and can be ridonculously (yes, that’s a made-up word, but it sounds more serious than ridculously) organized at times.

And with those obsessive tendenices, this Recipe Binder was born.

I couldn’t take it any longer.

Recipes everywhere:  on cards, large pieces of paper, tiny slips of scrap paper and even church bulletins… all tossed about in a shoebox….much less in any order.

Until now.

I have new recipes and old ones.

Receipes from friends and recipes from elementary school projects.

This recipe is still on a church bulletin, but at least it fits nice and neatly in a clear protective sleeve.


By Category.

Boo Ya!

Happy Organizing!  Where are your recipes right now??  😉

3 Comments on My Recipe Binder

  1. I have a recipe box but I also have several other recipes in a ziploc bag so I need to follow suit and get organized!

  2. Alyson Overstreet says:

    My recipes are similarly stored in a recipe binder organized by category. Instead of the sleeves, I use the sticky type photo pages. I seal the recipe down and I don’t have to worry about it getting lost or dirty while cooking.

  3. That’s a good idea! My recipes are all pretty {messy} or should I say well used. 😉

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