What I love most about my Christmas Tree is the sentimental quality it has.  The ornaments are not just decorations so our tree will be ‘pretty’, but rather each ornament that adorns its branches has a story. Whether it be a handmade ornament from the second grade, a gift received from a friend or a ‘dirty santa’ gift won at a party, each holds value and meaning.  I also treasure our Hallmark ornaments.  Each year when the kids were little, they chose a brand new Hallmark ornament to represent something from that year.  We have hunting ornaments, a Barbie house ornament and a mule ornament (yes, we used to have a mule named Scarlett) and even a pig ornament when Joseph’s favorite sound was snorting like a pig.

This year was extra special because my four year old niece helped decorate it.  A luxury we’ve never known never having them live so close to us until now.  So it’s not about having the biggest tree with most expensive ornaments or decorations.  It’s about tradition, family and making memories.

And with that I think I have the prettiest tree ever.

What are you favorite Christmas tree decorations, traditions or memories?

Email me a picture of your Christmas tree and I’ll post those pictures here!

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  1. Your tree looks beautiful! I have several of the Barbie and Wizard of Oz Hallmark ornaments that my grandmother bought me when I was a little girl. I have so many favorite ornaments because nearly all of them have special meaning behind them.

    • Thanks Suzanne….those are the best ornaments to have!

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