I said I wasn’t going there.

I didn’t have the time.

I couldn’t add another addiction hobby to my plate.

I fought it.


And lost.



It’s insane.

It. is. the. coolest. place. ever.

It has everything.

How To’s and Up Do’s.

Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes.

Recipes and Reading.

Fashion and Fitness.

Christmas ornaments and Wedding Events.

Craft ideas and Make-Up ideas.

Just go take a quick peek.

But be warned.

Your quick peek may turn into hours.

It will suck you right in.

You won’t want to leave.

And before you know it.

It’ll be lunch time.

Or even dinner time.

Then your hubby will be yelling for you to come to bed.

Ok….never mind.

‘Cause you know, this didn’t happen to me…..

eh, hem…

of course not.

Happy Pinning!



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