Our week before Christmas has been jam packed with decorating, shopping, parties and school and church programs…..and I’ve loved every minute of it!  I have heard several people comment though over the last few days that they can’t wait for Christmas to be over.  While I have been just as busy as the next person, I can honestly say that is not the case with me.  I love Christmas and the holiday season.  I think when people start feeling that way, then other things and situations have began to take priority in their lives and they forget the real focus of Christmas.

Moving on…..

Here’s a peak into our lives and what we’ve been doing this week.

Decking the Halls

Joseph at his Christmas program at school.

This program was hysterical!  We watched them perform it three times and I laughed just as hard if not harder the third time as I did the first time.

I love these guys.  I’ve watched them all grow from infants to now Seniors in High School as young adults.  <3

Friend Jonathan’s Youth Play at his church.

The Youth Drama at our church.

Some of my “other children”.

And we managed to get in a two and a half mile run this week, too.

 I wish you all a stress free, family loving, blessing receiving, good eating and don’t forget exercising, very Merry Christmas!  I love you all!

3 Comments on Twas’ the Week Before Christmas

  1. I too LOVE Christmas! The girls are off from school, we spend time in our pj’s watching movies or catching up on tv shows. I relish Christmas eve mass, the carols, which I will play until January; the tree and house all decorated, which I keep up until about February; the time at home enjoying our blessings! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Looks like you guys have had a great week! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Laura Delegal says:

    It looks like you had a busy but fun week. Hope you, Clark, Joseph, and Shelby have a blessed Christmas!! Love you.

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