I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and have fun plans to welcome in the New Year!  In the meanwhile, I’ve discovered something fun about Instagr.am. I’ve been using the iPhone app pretty much as long as I’ve had my phone, but loser me just discovered (okay, my teenagers actually told me) a seriously cool feature about the app.

Okay.  Here it is.  Are you prepared for this greatness?

You can follow other Instagramers and have them follow you too!

I told you I was a loser!  Why hadn’t I figured this out!?  I just thought it was another way to edit photos, not necessarily a way to share pictures!

Keep your thoughts to yourself please!


I want to follow you and I want you to follow me!

My Instagram name is Samantha_themoreirun.

Here’s one of my favorite Instagram images taken at the beach earlier in the year.

And here’s another one I took just this week of my niece swinging from an old oak tree.

Leave me your Instagram username in the comments below and I’d love to follow you!

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