Ack….the thought of it scares me to death!  Why you might ask…it doesn’t make any sense that taking a photo a day should be scary.  But it is my Internet friends! I’m scared I won’t commit!  I’m scared I won’t take an actual picture a day!  I’m scared I won’t find something everyday to take a picture of!  Do you see the pattern I’m going with here?  Fear of Failure!  

I have friends that do it.  I have family that does it.  But they make it look so easy.  They’ve been doing it for a couple of years now and both say they couldn’t imagine not doing it.  I tried it in 2010 and became too frustrated with it and gave up before the year ended.

Okay, breathe Samantha!  I’m panicked just thinking of it!  But it looks so fun!  I soooooo enjoy looking at the pictures they take everyday….just to have a peek of what’s going on in their everyday life.

Why am I having trouble with this?  It is on My Life Goals list so it must have had importance to me?!

I think I make it harder than it really is….I do love the idea of chronicling our everyday life.

Help!  It starts in two days!

What do you think?  Do you want to see a picture I take everyday?  Do you do it?  Are you thinking of doing it?

Here’s a 365 project photo I took on 8/24/10 of Joseph working on his boat.  I absolutely heart this photo of him….

I’d feel much better if you would just make the decision for me.  Wouldya?  Pretty please?

4 Comments on A 365 Project: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

  1. Stephanie says:

    I think the photo of Joseph is wonderful and very creative, just like you! I would love to follow your daily photos but I can appreciate your concern of “stick-to-ittiveness.” I would be the same way! All your photos are beautiful and it’s a great idea to share your gift, even if you didn’t stick to sharing it 365!

  2. Jennifer Ryland says:

    I loved seeing your pics everyday, Sam!! I definitely think you should do it!! I have actually considered doing it since I have a new camera now but I’m afraid of that commitment as well.

  3. Hi~I found my way here via Stacy’s 365(I’d do a cool link to it, but don’t know how) I’m only sorta a stalker. But that’s okay..cause I stalked Stacy before I knew her and now we’re friends. Anyway…my vote is YES! Jump into 2012 and do your Project 365! I’ve been at mine for a year and a half and love, love, love it!! You won’t regret it. We can be Project 365 following friends. 🙂

  4. Thank ya’ll sooooo much!!! I appreciate your comments and sweet words more than you know!! I have been thinking about it more and have made a decision! A decision that doesn’t quite scare me **as** much. 🙂

    Lauren-thanks for stopping by and coming out of the stalker closet. 🙂 I’ve heard Stacy mention your name before! I’ll have to check out your 365 pictures, too!

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