After much stressing anticipating over whether or not I’m going to do a 365 Project….which is a picture a day for 365 days….yes, everyday take a picture….I’ve decided that my answer is “yes and no”.  I’m going to take a picture everyday, but I’m starting small, thinking in short term instead of it-scares-me-to-death-everyday for 365 days-long-term.

I’m going to take a picture a day for the month of January with each day having its own assignment.  I’ll see how I do with that, then decide how to go from there on January 31.  Yes, it’s somewhat of a cop-out, but I’m really liking the idea of having a set assignment instead of just winging it on my own. It also gives me other ideas on more photography challenges throughout the year and including you in on them, too!

Here’s the 30 day Challenge.  (I know, I know January has 31 days, but oh well…)

So there you go!  That’s the plan!  If you’re like me and wanting a smaller photo assignment instead of tackling the larger 365 Project, then join me!  I’d love to see your pictures, too!

You may send your 30 Day Photography Challenge photos to  Be sure to include your name, URL and photo info (Challenge Day, etc.)  and your photo may be highlighted on the blog!

2 Comments on January Photography Project-30 Day Photography Challenge

  1. I like the 30 day challenge rather than trying for 365 days! I’m going to try it as well. Thanks for the challenge!

  2. Thanks Carolina. I would **love** for you to take part in the challenge! I’m looking forward to it, too!

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