Wow!  Even though my New Year’s Weekend was exceptionally boring low key, I had a busy blogging weekend.  Here’s a recap just in case you missed something!

Practical Everyday Tips to Help You Lose Weight
I’m here to help you!  Here are some practical guidelines to help you decrease your calories, burn more calories and lose the weight you want to lose.

A 365 Project:  Should I or Shouldn’t I?
Decisions, decisions…..trying to decide if I should take the plunge and take a picture a day for 365 days! Scares me crazy(ier).

Happy New Year’s Eve and My 2012 Goals
I think if we start the race with a plan and we have something at the finish line waiting for us, then we have more to actually work towards = accomplishment!

January Photography Project-30 Day Photography Challenge
I made my decision!  I’m going to take a picture everyday, but I’m starting small, thinking in short term instead of it-scares-me-to-death-everyday for 365 days-long-term.

New Year’s Day Run 
You know I couldn’t let the first day of January go by without getting in a run. 

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 1
Self Portrait

This morning’s breakfast.
A bowl of Kashi Cereal topped with banana slices and Silk soy milk.

Get your water on.
Do you filter your water?   Pretty much as long as I can remember, we’ve filtered our tap water.  While we’ve had a PUR water filter on our sink faucet most of our married life, I just recently purchased a water filtration pitcher to keep in the fridge.  This has been such a convenience and has helped my water drinking that much easier.  I usually just recycle empty water bottles and re-fill them from the tap, but having cold filtered water ready right out of the refrigerator has been soooo nice, too.  Once you get used to drinking filtered water, it’s hard to go back…’ll soon notice the difference in the metal-type taste that straight tap water has.

Cold, refreshing, water that tastes better=easier and more convenient to drink=a happy body.  <3

Happy January 2nd and drink your water today!


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