It’s only Day three of the Photo Challenge and Houston, we have a problem!  Today’s assignment was clouds. While I’m glad it’s not raining today, but with that there are no clouds in the sky….none, natta, zilcho.  I looked for clouds everywhere…tiny clouds and even smoke clouds, but I found nothing.

So today I’m improvising.  Is improvising allowed?

During my hour-long commute home this afternoon, the light was so pretty shining through the cross hanging from my rear-view mirror, I couldn’t help but take at least a dozen pictures of it.  I’ve taken this same picture before, but it’s just something about it that keeps drawing me back to it.

 Tomorrow’s challenge:  Something Green?

1 comment on “30 Day Photo Challenge Day 3”

  1. Beautiful cross! I hope we can improvise…I taking a picture a day..two so far and posting them at the end of the week as a “Week in pictures”.

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