Your Christmas tree is down and your holiday decorations are all put away, right?

And if you’re like me, your Christmas cards are put away too, stored away in the attic or outside storage house?

Not anymore!

Don’t put those cards away yet!  And all the old ones?  Pull those out, too!

We’re gonna organize them in a Scrapbook!  I worked on mine for several hours and I’m tickled with the results.

Yes, I was alone in the house for the afternoon…I have teenagers and they are preparing me for the empty nest syndrome and are never home.

Yes, I had to make several phone calls and send many text messages to those we had received cards from over the years to figure out what year each card had been taken.

But it was so worth it.

I bought this 12×12 Scrapbook from Walmart and a book of white textured cards that would slide into each of the sheet protector sleeves within the book.

You’ll also need a roll of double sided tape, too.

Organize the cards into each year.

Tape the back of each card, stick to your paper and slide into the album.

This is my oldest card from the Smith family from 1994.Look at them now in 2010.  Love their beautiful family!This card is from Slade and Wendy and Slade Mitchell’s first Christmas in 2000.This is their card from 2009 with two more additions to their family.  🙂I also included Seth and Stacy‘s 2002 Christmas letter.And their Christmas letter from 2006.Grace’s card from 2009.  If you need interpretation, it reads, “I come for Christmas, For Shelby”.

At the beginning of each year page, I added a ‘year tag’ to represent each year.

The finished book.

Love it!  I hope you consider creating one, too!

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