From a low angle.

A farming combine.

It was nearly dark this evening when I found myself laying on the ground at the row picker of this combine.  Today’s assignment was “from a low angle” and of course, my first thought was to snag a picture of a tall tree or something like that.  But on our {very} short run today the enormity of this tractor caught my attention.They do look big from a distance, but they especially look big when you’re laying on the ground in front of them.  😉

2 Comments on 30 Day Photo Challenge Day 6

  1. Sorry to hear you’re sidelined from running. Every once in awhile I have some pain that comes up, but it usually goes away after awhile and I get back to running fairly soon. One thing I try to do is to stop when I hurt rather than run through it if the pain doesn’t seem to be easing up after a bit. Hope you’re back at it soon!

    I imagine that combine looks enormous from the ground!

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