A bad habit.

I can.not believe I’m going here with you….that I’m actually showing you this.

Today’s photo challenge is a bad habit.  I have a terrible habit of running soapy water in the sink to wash up dirty dishes, then get distracted, start doing something else only to come back to cold, soap-less, slimy water.  Then I have to stick my hand in that disgusting water or either find the tongs to remove the stopper (so I won’t have to stick my hand in the water) and I start over with hot, soapy water again.

This so annoys my family and they fuss at me every single time. ‘Cause this is usually when I get one of the kids to finish up the dishes for me and I see them getting out the tongs.  😉

3 Comments on 30 Day Photo Challenge Day 8

  1. Ah ha ha – I can totally relate! I do the tong thing, too! The sad thing is I have a dishwasher so I really have no excuse… 🙂

    • Anna—that’s too funny! 🙂

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets distracted while doing ‘something’. I usually get distracted while cooking dinner! The Big Guy gets home and I’ve got the timer for the rice going off, and I’m downstairs looking for a book/pattern/yarn/fabric, etc, oblivious to the timer going off….

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