Good Morning!  I hope your weekend was just as you needed it to be!  I know ours sure was….lazy relaxing! After a very tiring four day work week last week, the dreary weather is just what I needed to keep me on the couch for most of the weekend.  I did manage to clean house, get in a good workout and watch a movie with the fam. I am still sore this morning from that workout!  It makes me feel good when I can get a little sore from doing my own workout routine-I must be doing it right and just enough of it!

I hope you’ve had a chance to look at the post about the new Workout of the Day Series I’ll be writing from time to time.  It’s a new series where I’ll share with you the workout circuit I did for that particular day.  I also created a new Workout Library for you to reference and hopefully put together your own workout routine. I’ll be adding to this as I also incorporate new exercises into my own routine.

Here’s whats on the blog agenda this week:

*Ilieotibial Band Stretching Exercises-I’ll be following up with my original post on Ilieotibial Band Syndrome.
*Running in Cold Weather-a Video Post-This is something I’m working on and I hope I can get it posted this week.  I know I’ve already written one Running in Cold Weather post, but I’d really like to go into more detail with that in a video.  Note the key word is hope.  🙂 As crazy as the weather is though, I never know what kind of weather I’ll be running in!  I’m turning on the heat one day and the ac the next!
*30 Day Photography Challenge-Are you doing it, too?  I have my thoughts on this, but I’ll share these with you when we are near the end.  This weeks assignments:  someone you love, a childhood memory, something blue, the sunset, and yourself with 13 things.

Here’s what in my thoughts this week:

*Blog Redesign-I know, I know I just re worked the one I have, but there are still some features I really would like to have, so if you see some glitches in my blog over the next little while, just remember I’m rearranging furniture again.  😉
*I want a treadmill.  But I’m not sure what to buy.  With my work hours like they are and my somewhat inconsistent schedule along with baseball season just around the corner, a treadmill is a must.  I have got to get back on a regular running schedule.  Any advice on this?
*3 Days With Me-Blog Series-this is a blog post I’ve been thinking about, but I’m not sure when it’ll happen so I didn’t include it in the above Blog Agenda.   But I thought about chronicling my Life as it Happens sharing with you pretty much everything I do over a three day period-what I eat, my work, exercise/running, etc. Mainly to share with you and give you ideas on breakfast and lunch, or how I manage my snacking or lunch while I’m at work, or how I fit in a workout or a run, Anywho….just something I’ve been pondering.  Let me know your thoughts on this, too.

Oh, you may also notice the new picture-gram on the sidebar.  This is a live feed of all my Instagram photos-how cool is that!  If you have the Instagram iPhone app, I’d love to follow you, too

How was your weekend?  Did you get out of the house or were you lazy like me?


Egg White and Spinach Omelet with a PB and J thin bagel on the side.

We received a box of speciality jellies from The Vermont Country Store as a Christmas gift and I’m trying them out for the first time.

Today I’m going with Strawberry Rhubarb.  Living in the south, I don’t think I’ve ever tried rhubarb before!

Breakfast today=winner!

Hope you’re off to a good start this week!

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  1. Hope you are having a good week! I’m very interested to see all of the new things on your blog.

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