My nightly, bedtime routine consists of packing my lunch-whether it be leftovers from supper or packing a sandwich, setting the coffeepot for my morning brew, and other various sundries such as washing up the supper dishes, finishing laundry, etc.

Now low and behold, I’ll be adding another ritual to the nightly scheme! Oats in a Jar.  I only thought being able to wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning was a brilliant idea I wish I had thought of, but now this, too?  Putting together such a quick and easy, let alone delicious, healthy and satisfying breakfast that will be waiting for me right along side my coffee is ingenious.

Here’s how it works:
Save your near-empty peanut butter {or any nut butter jar}.  I have several empty PB jars stored away in my pantry that I’ve been saving for a special occasion such as this.

Add to the jar:
*1/3 cup oatmeal (I used the old-fashioned oats instead of quick-cook)
*1/3 cup of your choice of liquid (I used Almond milk)-soy milk, yogurt, etc…any will work.

Now add in your favorite optional add-ins. 
I added:
*1 heaping tablespoon of canned pumpkin
*a touch of brown sugar
*dried cranberries
*a sprinkling of chopped pecans

Screw the lid back on your PB jar, shake well and put in the fridge overnight and let the magic happen.

You now have a couple of choices: 
-you can eat it cold right out of the jar,
-remove the lid and warm it in the jar for about 30 seconds–which is what I did because it’s just perfect for my commute–I told you it was genious, or lastly,
-pour it into a bowl, heat and add more toppings!

And all the angels began to sing!!

Try it!  I bet you’ll start singing, too!

4 comments on “Oats in a Jar!”

  1. Huh! I’ve never seen this idea before. Now I’m itching to finish off the peanut butter and try it. 🙂

  2. Ha! Similar prenight routine but regarding the oats I put 1/2 cup in a bowl with 1 cup of milk and cut up apples. Place in the fridge and cook in the microwave while taking a shower. I’m going to have tro try your new recipe with the peanut butter..yumm! Thanks for the idea!

    • I’m pretty excited thinking about adding apples! Will definitely try that, too.

  3. Laura Delegal says:

    That sounds good. It will be a good change from toast and cheese or oatmeal and craisens. Thanks for the idea.

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