I’ve had two subsequent visits to the chiropractor since my initial visit and I’ve been pushed, pulled and twisted in more ways than I thought possible!  After all that, it’s a wonder I can still walk when I leave there, but ohhhh it hurts so good.

My X-ray results revealed that I have stenosis of the Lumbosacral Joint  or (L5/S1).  The lumbar spine rests upon the sacrum. The place where they meet is called the lumbosacral space, or L5-S1.  Stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of a passage in the body or in my case a narrowing of that particular joint space.

While I am not having back pain, it’s this narrowing of the space that is causing pressure on the nerve that runs down my leg and into those last two toes on my foot….hence the pain and pressure I’m feeling down my right leg and knee, the numbness and tingling of the outside of my foot and toes and the reason I feel I have to drag my right foot at times of pain when I’m running.

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Secondly, I mentioned in my first visit that I most likely have irritation of the SI Joint probably because of how I swing my leg out and around (when I run) instead of forwards and backwards.  This can also cause nerve pressure as well as contribute to IT Band tightness and issues.

And lastly, according to my foot scan, I apparently supinate much more on the right foot than I do on the left. Which I really suspected this already, but was glad to have it confirmed.  In other words I walk more on the outside of my feet rather than on the soft pads where we are supposed to walk. Those of us who supinate (or under-pronate) doesn’t affect us so much with just walking, but when we run the pressure and jarring of our entire body is being forced on the outside of our feet instead of those fat pads that were created to bear the weight. Get it?  It’s so cool how God created our bodies so perfectly!

While any runner doesn’t have to have their feet scanned, I can’t recommend enough going to a legit shoe store and be fitted for the proper running shoe.  Wearing a shoe appropriate to your foot placement {pronate, neutral or supinate} is essential.  Your feet and your body will thank you for it.

Now…..onto the treatment plan.

I’m currently scheduled for six visits and each visit will consist of:
*Time in the heated, massage chair while connected to the TENS Unit.  (I could sit in this chair for hours!)
*Laser to my right knee to improve blood flow and therefore healing of the IT Band and tendons around my knee.
*Traction to my lower back-I’m basically hooked to a machine that pulls my spine at 60-65 pounds of traction to release tension and pressure from the L5/S1 vertebrae.
*Spinal adjustment/manipulation by the chiropractor on my lower back and hips (in that SI Joint).

I do appreciate knowing the how and the why behind the pain and how it all works together.  I’ve learned so much in just these few visits that will help me be more aware of my running form and how important it really is and what it does to our body, as well as prepare me for better training in the future.


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