This last week few days has been more than challenging.  “Is God testing me” is a question I’ve frequently been asking myself over and over again.  Although I only work as a PRN (as needed) nurse, I usually work an average of three days a week. These days are typically 7-9 hour days, but it’s the 66 mile commute and 4:00 am alarm clock that wears me out.  And I’ve done it going on seven days in a row now.  It was my turn to work the weekend, so those two days were 3:45 am alarm-clock days.  Needless to say my days are running together at this point.  I’ve not blogged.  I’ve not exercised.  I’ve not taken any pictures of my food, much less eaten on any kind of schedule, and supper tonight is spaghetti right out of the can.  Oh, please forgive me!

Along with that…. in the last three days my car had to go into the shop because of leaking power steering fluid, my son’s phone was stolen from him (almost as if he was pick-pocketed) in the local shopping center parking lot and lastly, I had a touch of Irritable Bowel Syndrome on my drive into work Sunday morning and let me just say it was a pretty crappy start to my morning.

This afternoon as I was dealing with the stress of my week, it was one of those times where your body is so tired, you’re not really sleepy and all you want to do is cry for no reason at all.

But then Joseph texted me this picture of him and his best friends from about six-seven years ago (I’m guessing they were in the fifth or sixth grade) and I forgot about the struggles of my week.  And just for a while, my stress didn’t seem so stressful at all.  All I could do was just look at that picture and those boys and think about the 12 years they’ve been together.

And I smiled.


3 Comments on I Don’t Know If I Should Laugh or Cry

  1. Alyson Overstreet says:

    I think some of that must have to do with this time of the year, either that or there’s an epidemic of stress going around.

  2. I’m so sorry it’s been such a rough week for you! Hope things are improving!

  3. It’s getting better already. 😉

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