Cooking French Toast with Bananas this morning will be the extent of any work I plan on doing today. Today=a lazy day and I’m looking forward to it!  The great thing about this French Toast is that it’s not hard work at all; it’s super easy to whip up for your perfect Saturday morning family breakfast.

Don’t throw out your brown bananas.  While I can.not eat them this brown, I do save them for smoothies and cooking.

Mix together for dunking your bread:  eggs, milk (I use Vanilla Soy, of course) and add your own favorite touches, such as cinnamon and flavoring.  All I had today was wheat bread, but a French loaf would have been superb!

Cook your banana slices with brown sugar and butter over medium heat until all soft and gooey-fied.

And stand out of the way when you call your family to the breakfast table.  “Ya’ll come and get it!”

Not a bad start to my weekend!  What’s your Saturday plans?

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