The Death of the 30 Day Photography Challenge

I took the challenge and lasted a full 12 days!  I just didn’t like it.  I tried to talk myself into finishing it.  It didn’t work.  Can I bail and just say it was hard?  No?  Okay, then lazy may be more appropriate.  I didn’t like being locked into a plan.  I know, I know I thought that actually having a plan would help!  It didn’t.

Oh well….I’m glad I didn’t commit to a full year!

How did you do?  Did you complete the Project?

Dogs and Vacuuming

Two reasons why I vacuum everyday.  I have callouses on the palms of my hands because I vacuum so much.  I need therapy.   Or bald dogs.

Reason # 1.

Reason # 2.

They wrestle.

All the time.

They act like children.

Until Mama makes them stop.

Annie Bell retreated to her bed; she takes offense to being scolded.

New Feature on the Blog.

Notice the Pinterest Pin It! Button?  If you see something you like on The More I Run, please share it!

Really.  I spent all morning trying to figure this little red button out so please amuse me abit and repin something.

Pin It!

Go Red!

In celebration of American Heart Month, I polished my toe-sies today…..for the first time in years! While I do love red toes, I’m more of the low maintenance, impatient-can’t wait for the polish to dry, a la natur-al, kinda person.

 On the Road Again

We’re back to running our dirt road again.  We had taken a break from running the road for a few reasons:  the hubby was gone for a week and I opted to not to run it alone and went to the park instead, with heavy rainfall it gets really muddy and sloshy, and also because of deer season we’ve not been able to take the dogs with us so much (running dogs through the woods + hunters = bad news waiting to happen).

Do you recall the Tunnel of He….Heck, Heat Misery?

This is what it looks like now.  It went through its season of harvest, but now it’s bare again until the Spring.

The dogs were definitely happy to go this time.

Remember the Beavers?

They’re back.  And my boy worked so hard and nearly sacrificed his own life busting that dam for the beavers only to homestead once more.

The water barely flows….

Because of this.

Dang beavers.

Happy it’s almost the weekend my Internet Friends!











3 Comments on Thursday Things

  1. At least you lasted 12 days! I think I only lasted 7!!! I was doing a “Snapshot Saturday-Week in Pictures” Only made it to week 3. Oh, well. There is always this month? Next?

  2. That looks like a beautiful dirt road to run on. It reminds me so much of the dirt road my great great aunt lived off of. I would have quit the 30-day photo challenge too so don’t feel too bad.

  3. Ok… I don’t feel so bad for hanging on for 12 days now! heheheee.

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