Today’s lunch is a Salmon Sandwich on a Skinny Bagel.  Sounds fanci-fied and gourmet doesn’t it? Well it is….and it’s delicious….and it’s quick…and it’s healthy and nutritious.  It’s a Win Win lunch!

Remember these skinny bagels?  They don’t have to be used just for breakfast.  Toast them in your toaster for a little added crunch and use them as sandwich bread.  Ingenious!

Mayonnaise Substitute

I first want to show you what I use from time to time as a substitute for mayo.  This provides you with a really tasty {healthy} sauce to use for different sandwiches and salads instead of heavy, calorie-filled mayo.

Plain Greek Yogurt + Garlic Seasoning (or use your own variation of spices to your liking). Since I’m having salmon on this sandwich, I added a sprinkling of Dill, too.

For this sandwich I used some smoked salmon that I accidentally found in the cold section of my local grocer.  It’s jam packed with protein and omega 3 fatty acids.  I’ve also used tuna, too and it’s also super yummy and healthy, but any protein will do (turkey or chicken breast would be scrumptious).

I layered this sandwich with spinach, a slice of smoked salmon and avocado.

It was easy to pack my lunch with this sandwich, because when I made one for my lunch at home, I made an extra and put aside to take to work the next day.  Easy peasy!

Add a healthy, low cal dessert and snacks and you’re set to go!

Another fun and great idea is to also pack your own tea bag, sweetener and travel mug.  I’ve spent way too much money on cafe coffees and decided to exchange my afternoon coffee habit for hot tea instead.

Just add hot water!

Do you have a trick to packing your lunch quick and easy?

Today’s run took us on a different route {on pavement} for a change….our own dirt road turns to mashed potatoes after a hard rain and a hard rain is exactly what we have for the last few days.

It was so good to run a different area.  It’s distracting, but in a good way.  I’m so busy watching the scenery {and the dogs} that the time goes by a lot faster.  This road is one of my favorite in Leroy.  It’s just what country living is to me.  Old homesteads, new houses means new families, neighbors out talking and speaking as we run by and lots of cows and horses.

I had so much to do this afternoon, I wasn’t sure if I was in the mood to run today, but knew I would feel good afterwards.  Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and do it….I mean really, it was only 45 minutes out of my life….and furthermore, I haven’t had a chance to wear my new running skirt yet!  Hola!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Alyson Overstreet says:

    I thought that looked like yall on Mom’s road yesterday! I came in from behind you on my way to pick up the girls! I love that road too. It has lots of memories for me.

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