As I was reading one of my favorite blogs recently, I read where she is committing to a 7-day green smoothie challenge and charged other bloggers to do the same. Because I love green smoothies, I thought why not, I’ll give it a try, too, but only for 5 days—I need short term, okay?!  I hope my previous failed challenge record doesn’t prevail with this challenge, ’cause I’m going to try really hard to finish this one!

My basic green smoothie recipe is spinach, banana, protein powder and soy milk, but this week I’m going to try to pizazz it up abit and try new options.

So this morning during my morning commute, in lieu of coffee, I opted for a green smoothie instead.  As much as I love my morning cup a joe, this was a nice change and didn’t leave me shaky and hungry about an hour later (as my coffee normally does).  This held me for about 3 1/2 hours until I had a moment to grab a snack.

You wanna play, too?  I dare you.  Take the challenge.  Power punch your diet this week and see how you feel at the end of the week!

I’d love to hear your favorite green smoothie concoctions!

This afternoon’s run wasn’t so bad.  It was a quickie 2 mile out and back and my average pace was 11:06. But the key to today’s run was a side by side comparison of a home remedy provided by one of my readers.  On one of my last posts, Running With My Mouth Closed, Alyson shared a home remedy to battle the gnats.

So, Clark tried her recommendation while I sprayed the typical mosquito spray.

The results:
While I was running, it was all as usual:  the gnats were swarming my face and I had to concentrate on keeping my mouth closed=major pain in the who ha.
When we got home, I tried to stay outside for abit longer, but couldn’t tolerate them biting me so I had to go inside.

While Clark was running, he said he didn’t notice them swarming him as bad as they had been before.
When we got home, he stayed outside for a good 10 minutes longer and said he didn’t have a single gnat around him or bite him.

We may have a winner with the gnat problem!  If you’re interested in what that solution is, be sure to read Alyson’s comment on that previous post!

Dinner tonight was a fried egg, hummus and tuna sandwich on a skinny bagel with wheat crackers on the side.  A dinner filled with fiber, omega 3’s and protein.  Boo Ya!

Happy Monday!  Hope you’re off to a gnat-free start to your week!

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  1. thank you so much for taking the challenge…i think 5 days sounds great! 🙂

    i am trying to expand my green smoothie horizons too. i tried it with kale this morning and it was delicious!

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