Today’s lunch celebrated all things green!

Green Number 1:  Spinach Smoothie

I reverted back to my original smoothie recipe of soy milk, 1 banana, a handful of spinach and 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder (I’m a creature of habit) and I gotta admit, it’s my favorite.  I did, however, add an extra special ingredient today that made it taste even better.

Sugar free caramel flavoring.  I think I could add this to my shoe and it would taste good!

Green Number 2:  Homemade Spinach and Artichoke Hummus

I had an egg white and hummus sandwich on a toasted sandwich thin.  Power packed with all sorts of nutrients, protein and low calorie=win!  (The hummus recipe is coming soon, I promise!)

Green Number 3:  Brussels Sprouts

On the side were pan roasted Brussels sprouts in a little olive oil, butter and garlic seasoning.  Brussels Sprouts contain 194% of your daily Vitamin K allowance and 124% of Vitamin C!

Have you been enjoying your week of green?

On a side note, I’ll be out of town for the next few days and won’t be able to post my final day of the green smoothie challenge.  But something special will be posted for you Monday morning, so be sure to not miss that next week!

Until then, have a superb weekend!

2 Comments on Today’s Lunch? All Things Green

  1. your smoothie looks great. love the addition of the caramel!

    i have been craving brussels sprouts for weeks (yes, i crave them!) and that hummus looks amazing!

  2. What? You’ll be gone a few days?? Darn…you’ll be missed. Have a GREAT weekend also 😀

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