Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a bit, but our 3-4 day Spring Break vaca turned into a week-long stay instead. We’ve played 7 games since returning home; pair that with work and everything in between and the blog took a back seat for a while.  But I did think about you!  I’ve been mulling over several blog posts in my head and now I just need to get them in writing!

I’m so excited to share this post with you!  While we were at the beach last week, I wanted to be careful to not veer off of my healthy eating path and especially put pounds on….which is undoubtedly easy to do while on vacation!  Right?!  It’s just something about that salty, breezy air that makes me hungry.  But it’s also something about being there that makes me want to work out even more.  I *always* look forward to running and exercising while I’m there.

So…here are my top five ways to stay healthy while on vacation and hopefully not gain weight!

1.  Make good choices.

As easy as that sounds which is also something we’re trying to do anyway can become more difficult when we get out of our daily routine.  Just because we go on vacation doesn’t mean we can just go amok and out of control with our eating habits.  What we don’t really realize is that a simple one week away from home can have a longer lasting affect on our habits when we return home.  Be cautious to not sabotage what may have taken you weeks to accomplish with just a few meals.

2.  Exercise.

While this should seem like a no-brainer, again, it’s easy to get out of our routine when we leave home. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not called a vacation for no reason.  You holiday is meant to be relaxing and schedule-free, but don’t forgo the exercise along with that.  It doesn’t have to be a hard core workout, but be aware of times when you can walk instead of drive, or ride a bike.  Walk with your spouse or a friend.  Find a new hiking path or running trail to explore.  Make time for it.  Get up early and enjoy the sunrise.  Make exercise a fun adventure and enjoy it while your doing it!

This week we ran several times along the beach, but also sought more of a challenge and ran the deep, sandy shoreline.  Oh, my oh so noodle legs felt it, too!

3.  Make good restaurant choices.

You better watch out or your week long worth of eating out can kill ya!  When eating out, examine your menu and choose wisely.

Here are a few tips to help you with your restaurant choices:
-choose grilled, sautéed, pan seared or broiled
-avoid anything that is pan or deep fried
-avoid heavy sauces or creams which are usually loaded with fat and calories
-choose a sweet potato instead of a baked potato or fries
-always include fresh vegetables as a side
-skip the dinner rolls with butter-simply decline the basket when the server brings them to your table
-drink water instead of alcohol
-when ordering a salad, choose a vinaigrette instead of a heavy dressing-and have it served on the side instead of directly on your salad

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4.  Read health magazines.

I love to read magazines, especially while I’m sitting on the edge of the ocean’s waterfront.  One way to keep me motivated is to read healthy-based magazines.  Next time your on vaca, pick up the healthy mags instead of the gossipy ones and see if it helps you stay better on track, too.

5.  Take your food with you!

This is a biggie for me.  Anyone who knows me and has traveled with me-a hundred miles or one mile, knows that I always have a snack or two or three in my bag.  This is no exception while I’m on vacation. Being prepared and having the convenience of healthier options makes it a heck of a lot easier to not surrender to the junk or fast food.

Here are a few of my pantry items I travel with and had to eat during my week.  (Really, no different at all from when I’m at home).

I suppose the biggest question I pose to you and to myself is, “is it worth it?”  If you’ve also been following my blog for a while, you also know that I’m a firm believer in moderation and better choices rather than yes and no’s and do’s and don’ts’.  By all means, don’t make yourself miserable while you stare at that decadent chocolate dessert that everyone else at the table is enjoying….go ahead, go for it! Enjoy yourself!  Just be careful to not succumb too many times.  Think of your calorie intake as a budget-choose wisely on how you want to ‘spend’ them.  😉

And on the flip side of that is don’t make yourself miserable because you may have overdone it.  Your week is just that:  only a week and in a few short days you’ll go back to your life and well, start life all over again.  Be able to come home with no regrets…in either direction.

Do you have some favorite ways for staying healthy while on vacation?  I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Great post! Words to live by – everything in moderation. And “Is it worth it?” is one of my favorite “self-talk” expressions. I’ve become very choosy when it comes to indulgences – if it’s not going to satisfy my craving, then, no, it’s not worth it! Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Thanks for the inspiration as I start thinking about our beach vacation in June. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kathy and for some great input!

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