With weather like this, it’s hard to stay inside and if I am inside, you can bet the doors and windows are open with the ceiling fans on high.  I’d be perfectly happy if the temperature would stay like this all year long.  The weekend couldn’t have been more perfect.

This morning we slept in, which was just the little bit of extra sleep I needed.  I broke from my morning oatmeal habit for breakfast and went with @Dannon Greek Yogurt, Fruit on the Bottom topped with fresh strawberries and @Kashi Cereal.

Doesn’t everything taste better in a heart shaped Barbie bowl?

Clark prepared for his class he teaches at church each Sunday night.

We had takeout Subway sandwiches for lunch and instead of a side of high fat chips, I sautéed some brussels sprouts and ate fresh carrots instead.  Winner!

I planted three different types of Daylily bulbs around the house and since my thumb is very far from being green, let’s hope they grow.

They are supposed to look like this, so we’ll see in a few weeks if how they’re growing.

I managed a workout with the medicine ball.  This is such a great inexpensive and simple piece of equipment to add to your workout gear.  While I enjoy using my free weights, I also enjoy using the 10 pound weight ball for a few different exercises, too.  It moves easier and more fluid than the bulkiness of the handheld weights.

What’s your favorite workout with the medicine ball?

I finished off my afternoon folding laundry, packing my lunch for the day job, setting the coffee pot set for my early morning brew and simply spending time on the sofa with my family.  With one about to graduate in less than a month and the younger now driving and finding places to go just because she can, Clark and I are left home alone…well….a lot more than the four of us are together.  So any time, especially a weekend when we’re all together….it makes my heart happy.

How was your weekend?  Were you able to get outside and enjoy the weather?

2 comments on “A High of 74 Degrees”

  1. I ran my first 5k yesterday! Well, I can’t say I “ran” the whole thing, I did have to walk for brief times, but I still finished at 38 min & I was aiming for just being under 40! 🙂 It was a great accomplishment to have completed!!
    Your weekend sounded just right! 🙂

  2. Hey Lois! That’s awesome!!! So exciting and you have every right to be full of pride for yourself right now! 🙂

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