Here at the Alday house we’ve taken on another project… in the country you just never really know what kind of ‘projects’ we’re going to get into. Remember the Beaver Dam and then later the Chicken Coop projects?

Since moving the chicken coop we adopted, inherited, were gifted baby chickens to one day live in the coop.  The trouble with that though is that the coop was originally built for pigeons and furthermore, once we got the coop home there was no pen around the coop to contain the chickens.  No pen + chickens = a happy Hank.  So the baby chickens lived in a box during their baby and early pre teen weeks until they started out-growing it.

Building the pen took lots of chicken wire, dog wire, posts and praise sweet Baby Jesus for electric staple guns!

Some minor detail work had to be done first…leveling the coop, patching holes and removing the old pigeon boxes which will be too little for our soon-to-be-egg-laying-big chickens.

Then holes had to be dug for each post that will secure the wire and be the support for the pen.  Seven holes for seven posts!

Chicken wire had to wrapped around each post first to keep future baby chicks from escaping through the larger dog wire.

The entire family was called in on the project.  The larger dog wire had to be unrolled and wrapped around the perimeter of posts-around the entire pen.

Once  the wire was secure, we were able to move the chickens and open the coop door and let them out to explore.

They were so funny to watch because they all just stood there at the door entrance afraid to go out!

“So whatcha think about it out there?”

We’ve since covered the top with more chicken wire (to keep the hawks and other predators out) and I think they are all pleased with their new accommodations.

This hen is curious as to what she may find in this coffee can.

Meet Rufus the Rooster.

He’s learning how to crow.

Let’s just say he needs a little more practice.


4 comments on “DIY Project: Building a Chicken Pen”

  1. I’d so love to have some chickens! I constantly say I just can’t wait to move out of Atl to a farm. A wee bit jealous of all your space!

  2. Wow!! Awesome job! That’s a very nice home you made for your chicks! There’s nothing like fresh eggs! Yum!!

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