So you think you don’t have time?  Think again.  Today is No Excuse Day!  Give up 10 minutes of your time today to do something healthy for yourself.

You’re worth it.

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Here are 10 quick moves that you can do in 10 minutes that burn approximately 100 calories each.

1.   Jump Rope
2.   Jumping Jacks
3.   Jog/Run
4.   Ride a bike
5.   Hula Hoop
6.   Play a game of basketball with the kids
7.   Aerobics
8.  Walk briskly
9.   Swim laps
10. Walk up and down a flight of stairs (as quickly as you can)

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Lunch today couldn’t have been more perfect and also only took about 10 minutes to prepare.

Quinoa cooked in chicken broth then near the end of the cooking process I added a packet of tuna so it could also warm with the quinoa.  On the side were roasted brussels sprouts and fresh squash.  Um…yes…heavenly!

We are each given 1,440 minutes in a day.  How are you using yours?  


4 Comments on Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes

  1. Love this! One of my reasons for changing my lifestyle (i have lost 40lbs) was to be able to lay in bed at night and list the things that I had done that I was proud of myself for doing!! Sure beats laying in bed, hating myself and praying that I dont choke on the heavy supper that I had ate!

    • Awww..that’s awesome, Libby. That is really a powerful comment because how many times have I lay there…unable to sleep because my stomach is too full…or I’m regretting what I ate. Thanks for sharing!

      • Thanks Samantha! It has really become important to me to be proud of myself….like something clicked in my head, that I am the only one that can make that happen! I LOVE your blog!

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