So far we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying mostly mid-80’s days which has been fabulous, but lately the temp has been rising into the low 90’s…that’s the hottest it’s been so far this year on our runs.

Today wasn’t too bad though.  We decided on an out and back run which is 3.6 miles one way, so we took GU packs and water per our Fuel Belt to have a little pick-me-up at the half-way point.

I had to stop at a little over the two mile marker to have my GU Gel.  The chocolate was really tasty…like a thicker version of chocolate pudding.  I didn’t have lunch today and it sure caught up with me.  Once I met up with Clark I drank my bottle of water and we walked for a ways.  This little bit of rest was just what I needed.  The GU Gel + water gave me the energy I needed and I was able to run another mile or so on the way back home.

Running in new @NikeRunning shoes was a plus, too.  😉

I also did a short video for you during our run.  After watching this I had that ah-ha moment when you realize just how you sound in real life!  Hello cuuuntry slang!


According to the Garmin, we walked/ran our way back totaling a little over seven miles!

I finished my evening with a chocolate protein shake (I’m currently loving the @GNC Amp Wheybolic Protein Powder!) and an egg/hummus and avocado sandwich.

Not bad for a Wednesday!

I hope you’re having a magnificent week so far!  Let me know what you’re up to!



3 Comments on The Temperature Is Rising

  1. Love the video!! I was born in Georgia and have never left so I love your accent! You sound like me! It is getting hot here in Ga so I try to run in the mornings. I live on a backwoods dead end road so it’s great to run on….except when the local prisoners are cutting the trees on the side of the road…like they are this morning:( Guess I will be running in the heat later today..Going to take some water along with me!

  2. It’s getting hot and humid here in Northern VA! Ran this morning and did 4 miles with my buddy. Good pace and we ran 2 min. and walked 30 sec. Great way to start the day!

    • Sounds like fun! I’d prefer to run early morning, but it doesn’t always work out for me.

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