Happy Monday everybody!  I know I’ve been MIA for a few days, but there’s so much going on lately (exciting, fun things I can’t wait to share with you) and I’ve just been too crazy busy to have time to blog.  You forgive me?  Otay?  Thanks!

I know that’s just a teaser for now, but one of those things on my to-do is to post more video workouts.  I currently have the Workout Library for you to refer to, but a huge goal of mine is to replace each of those ‘internet’ video demo’s with my own demo video.  WooHoo!  I’m so excited about doing this!  I so wish I could get all of those videos done and posted for you in just one day, but I know it’s going to be a process and will take time.  But I’m so impatient!

Another goal is not only post demo videos, but to actually put those demos into action and post actual workouts.  For the last year or so I’ve not really done a workout ‘routine’.  When I did a workout I basically started with exercises from the top to the bottom—shoulders, arms, back and so on…  This worked for a while but then I started floundering in what to do (remember, I wrote about that here).  What has been a huge help for me is 1.  change up that routine 2.  do new exercises and 3. have some method to the madness and actually follow a routine.  This has been monumental is busting through that plateau my body can definitley tell a difference, too!

Now!  I know I ramble (ya think), but let’s talk about the name of this post!

My baby brother (16 years younger-baby brother) is a Personal Trainer and has worked one on one with clients, as well as taught group classes.  The funny thing is for most of those years I had no interest in what he did.  He kept asking me to come to his class to which I always refused with something like, “I’m not into that”.  NOW I’m the one calling him for advice on exercises, routines, etc and asking tons of questions!  He asked me yesterday, “you know you’re obsessed with this right?  To which I admitted.  🙂

He told me about this simple method of working out that he’s shared with his classes and I thought it was the funniest, coolest thing ever!  He promised I would feel the burn after!  So, in honor of him, I’m naming this workout The Baby Brother Workout!  🙂

Have you ever worked out with a deck of cards?!  I know, crazy!

Take a deck of cards and have each suit represent an exercise.  Then as you flip each card, follow the number and suit of that card.

For example, Puppy Toes (I can’t remember the real name) represented Sumo Squats.  If the 9 of Puppy Toes is turned-do 9 Sumo Squats.  How simple but so effective!

You can choose each of your exercises depending on your level–whether you’re needing something lighter or a bit more challenging.

Here’s what I did:

I’m so stinking sore after doing this!  He suggested going through the cards a second time, but using different sets.  Hahah!  Uh….no!  I could barely move after doing this first circuit and kept thinking the deck must certainly be larger than 52 cards.

Here are those inaugural videos to demonstrate how each exercise is done.   These will soon be added to the Workout Library.  (Sorry for the poor audio…I’ll work on that!)

Lunge Jack


Spiderman Plank (with an surprise appearance by Hank)

Sumo Squat




You can also subscribe to my new You Tube Channel (something else I’ve been working on) for more videos to come, soon.

Let me know what you think of the Baby Brother Workout and the exercises you choose to do!


5 Comments on The Baby Brother Workout

  1. haha, puppytoes 🙂 Clubs! (But I’m going to start calling them puppytoes, too.) Glad to hear it worked for you – those are some intense moves!

    I’ve heard of the deck-of-cards workout and think it’s a FANTASTIC idea, but have never actually tried it myself. There’s a first time for everything! I’ll keep it in mind for the next time I’m working out at home.

    • I’ve done it twice since he suggested it and did different sets each time. I get bored easy so this was good for me to change things up! 🙂 Puppy Toes! hahaha! That’s all we’ve ever called them! LOL

  2. Years ago a trainer taught me this same workout. Instead of plank and squats it was abs on a ball and bicep/tricep with weights

  3. This is a great idea for changing up my workouts! Easy to follow and breaks up the monotony! After viewing your demos, I know I’m not anywhere near your fitness level, but I’ll adapt some exercises to a level do-able for me. 🙂 Thanks for the fun tip! Love your dog by the way! How funny!

    • That’s what I love about this fun way to workout. You choose your own exercises for whatever level you’re at right now. Let me know how you do!

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