This afternoon we ran a two mile speed run alternating quick sprints with periods of walking in between=breathing hard and my heart beating out of my chest.  But it’s a great way to increase your speed overall and improve your endurance.  I love the endorphin rush it gives, too!

This average pace includes walking, too.  I tried to keep my running pace around 8:00.

I had a peanut butter GU (my fav) to give me a boost and rested for about 10 minutes.

Then with my new Gymboss, we took our workout outside and did 25 minutes of Tabata.  Tabata is typically a circuit or round of 4 exercises done at high intensity for 20 seconds alternating with 10 seconds of rest.  4 sets (or exercises) equals 2 minutes of work.

We took our weights outside and improvised with the picnic table and back porch steps as necessary = no excuses for not having a gym or the ‘right’ equipment.

We repeated each circuit twice = 4 minutes per circuit = 25 minute total workout.

Notice my 16 year old daughter’s message she left for me on my board.  Teenagers.

The result?  A hot, sweaty, feel-good mess!

What did you do today?  I’d love to know!  Do you like the Tabata format?


3 Comments on I Am a Hot Sweaty Mess

  1. I looove doing speed intervals. 8 Is my go-to ‘fast’ pace, too! I’ll alternate 8 mph and maybe 3.5 or 4. If i’m really wanting to push myself, I’ll pyramid the 8 up to 9 or 10 (for shorter run periods). Nice job on those 2 miles!

    And the Tabata workout is something I have yet to tackle but must try. I did a very similar workout and really enjoyed it

    • Thanks Meredith! I’m loving the Tabata workout right now and have become quite obsessed with it! 🙂 What do you prefer?

  2. I love that message from your daughter & the whole message about working out no matter in a gym or not! 🙂

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