I first found Jody some months back by doing a random google search for “health and fitness blogs older women”….no offense Jody, ’cause I’m that older woman, too. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I searched that particular phrase because as much as there are really great {and thousands of} health and fitness blogs for women, most of them are authored by the younger, no children, college-age girls. While I have learned and have definitely been inspired from the younger gals, us older folks need, well…. other, older hot flashers to commiserate with.
Insert Jody! ¬†I’ve been so inspired by her blog and her healthy lifestyle. ¬†Look at her for heaven’s sake! She’s a Rockstar at 54 years old! ¬†Hola! ¬†I also love her blog tagline: ¬†Fit and Healthy at any Age.
Thank you Jody for offering to write a guest post and thanks for keeping it real and for being such an encourager!

CHOOSE Your “Fit” – It Is All About CHOICES!

I have said many times over that we all have to find what works for us not only with food but with exercise and life. We each have varying demands & different lifestyles. We have different options based on where we live, our job or jobs, our family life. We have different views on what body type we like for ourselves.

This brings us to choices we make that our best for us – NOT anyone else!¬†Don’t try to live up to what others do or don’t do. What counts is¬†what¬†works for you!!!!

I started this today because many of you have heard my endless moaning & groaning about the age¬†hormones¬†– how they fight me at every step! I have written in the past how I have had to work at changing my food plan & exercise & other things to maintain my look. No, I am not going to be as tight as I was in my 40’s because age does weird things to us & for me, that started big time at 50 & above.

So, here I am bitc*ing about them again!  This time is especially hard. It is interesting how as the hormones change with age (after 50 for me was most noticeable), I see it not only in my body but face, facial hair & other things. I can actually see the hair on my face change as different things with my bod change. This has been ongoing.

So now I am at this point of trying to change things again as the weight goes up, the body fat % goes up, the BMI goes up even as I work harder at the food choices & exercise program changes. I can even weigh a certain weight when my body fat & BMI showed a lower number but now at that exact same weight, those numbers are higher.

Right now, my weight is up 2-2.5 pounds again. The interesting thing about this time though is that my body, specifically the ab & lower tummy area, looks like when I weighed about 5 pounds heavier than right now. All the hormone craziness is showing up in that ab & what I call the inner tube area! Damn those hormones! 

I have made the choices I made to stay lean & mean for me. I know many don’t want to do what I do to stay looking this way. BUT, I like this look & I know it will be harder & harder with age & hormones – I already know that! So, yes, like many of you, I am frustrated. I am doing what I am supposed to do, eating clean most of the time, exercising with weights & cardio & core & stretching. I am making changes to the food with no results yet…¬†been at it at least 2 months trying to get past this hormone episode.

SO, once again I am faced with¬†“is it¬†worth¬†it to get even more strict to stay looking this way”. I am pretty strict already & was fine with that because that was MY CHOICE. BUT, I am not getting paid to do commercials or advertisements or any of the things I do which involve my health related activities.¬†It is not like I HAVE to look this way for a job or “gig”. I would have to eat like a pre-bodybuilding show & that really is not living life!

Heck, if some company wants to pay me good bucks to look tight & mean & lean at 55, I am in!!!! 

So, I¬†once¬†again will be evaluating how hard I want to go at this & how hard I want to try to make my “Fit at 55” pic look close to the 54 pic!¬†¬†Once again, it will be MY CHOICE to work harder or not, to eat even more strict or not…..

Of course I am not going to let myself go all to¬†pieces!¬†¬†I do have to make a choice if compromising life even more is worth it right now. I can still look decent for my age but be less lean…. it is all up to me & my choice right now.


The choice is yours & no other¬†–¬†BE FOR YOU¬†& don’t worry about anything else but what is right for you!
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5 Comments on Guest Post by Jody at Truth2BeingFit.com

  1. YOU ARE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KIND!!! Thank you so much Samantha for having me here!!! I hope you are enjoying your time off!!! ūüôā

  2. thanks for the post, Jody! I am totally bracing for the “hormone thing” you’ve warned us about. It’s because of you that I won’t be so hard on myself when I arrive at the hormonal destination. (teehee)

    Once upon time I did compare myself to others, but now I look at others as inspiration. Including YOU, Jody! xo

  3. After I got over chuckling at the “older woman” part – which I accept is true for myself as well – I had to agree. If I ate at 20, 30, and 40 how I eat now, I’d have been the leanest fitster around. Actually, I was pretty dang trim and lean and defined then though I ate sort of middling healthy. Now I eat super well, still exercise every day (though I admit to doing way less strength trng than I used to) and I am still 23 ell-bees heavier than I used to be. You are so healthy, fit, strong, and adorable Jody that you can relax and enjoy those 2 pounds!

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