We’re home and I missed you!  We spent a glorious nine days at the beach last week and it was fabulous! It seems every time we go away for a vacation the time flies by, but this week it didn’t go by too fast at all.  Although we were busy with fun things to do, it was soooo very relaxing.  We definitely were not ready to leave!

But first, before I share my week with you, I want to give a super shout out to Jody at Truth2BeingFit for such a great guest post.  It was so appropriate and by reading the comments, it seems that my readers enjoyed it just as much as I did!  Thank you, Jody!!  🙂

Here’s a recap of our week.


Deep sea fishing with family and friends.  This was our first time and in spite of the 3-4 (and at time, 5) feet waves and some queasiness it caused, everybody had a great time.  We literally couldn’t stand up straight without holding on to something or someone!  But it didn’t stop everyone from fishing-the adrenaline rush from reeling in these Red Snapper made us all forget about how sick we were feeling!

This Grouper Shelby caught was not a keeper and had to go back, but it took her a while to bring him onto the boat and of course we had to get a picture!

Not bad for a day’s work I’d say!


Every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings the Blue Angels open their practices to the public.  While I’ve seen their official show before, as well as, have seen them make practice runs along the coast, it was nothing like being so close to them for our own ‘private’ viewing (along with several other hundred people).  This practice is totally free of charge and they have stadium seating set up not far from the runway.  The first time one of the jets made its way past us for take off literally gave me chills all over. It’s really an emotional sight to see.

Just to give you an idea of their flying ability, at times they are only flying 18 inches apart from wingtip to wingtip.

If you ever get a chance to see one of their official shows or are ever in town for a practice, please take time to see them!  To say it was awesome is seriously an understatement!


By mid week the kids left us and went back home, so Clark and I had the remainder of the week to ourselves.  As parents of teenagers, we’ve learned to start liking each other more and more as we’re together without the kids more than we are with them!  🙂

Running beachside is probably my favorite thing to do while at the beach.  It’s just something about getting outside and exercising that relaxes me, but yet energizes me, too!  It just makes me feel strong and healthy!  I love getting up early and mapping out where and how we’re going to run.  Thursday morning we ran to the Gulf State Park Pier (2 miles from our beach house) then took a walk out onto the Pier to see what everybody was catching.  During our break we ate a GU, took a potty break and rehydrated.

We ran about a mile back along the shore before hopping back onto the pavement.  Running in the sand makes my legs feel.  like.  noodles.  I love it!  See the Pier way down there?

But one of the hazards of running in the sand is having to stop every so often and empty the sand from my shoes!

That’s it for Part 1 of Beach Week Recap.  Stay tuned for Part 2 that includes how we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  And if you want real time updates from The More I Run, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Hope you’ve had a fabulous start to your week!

3 Comments on Beach Week Part 1-Fishing, The Blue Angels & Running

  1. WHAT FUN!! Thx again for letting me guest post!

    Vacations always go way way too fast! Like you, I love getting up early for a run or hike or walk when we go away which has not been for way too long! :-O

    Love those shoes!

    • Thanks Erin! Can’t wait till the little one arrives! 🙂

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