I hope you had a fabulous Independence Day Celebration! Clark and I had full intentions of running, exercising and moving, but we did. not. make. it! Not long after we woke up, we ended up on the couch….eh, hem….all day long….watching an NCIS Marathon! We did manage to drag ourselves off the couch late in the afternoon to go grocery shopping (the only reason we did that even was because we finally got hungry and the kitchen pantry was empty)!

Did you get out and exercise? How did you celebrate the holiday?

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This week Andie asked a great question I thought worthy to devote to a complete blog post! Here’s what she asked:

Hi Samantha! I happy to report that I began a walking routine a few weeks ago and last week began the “Couch to 5K” program. I’m so excited about this new chapter in my life.

I was wondering what your evening schedule looks like. Do you have dinner, run, & then have a protein smoothie?

I skipped dinner a couple nights because it was getting late. I had a banana with almond butter before my workout & had a protein smoothie about half hour after I was done. Does that sound ok?


First, let me congratulate Andie on her accomplishment! She definitely began the running program by walking first then starting a step by step process such as the Couch to 5K program! Yay Andie! Keep us posted on how you’re doing!

Now, on to her question. Trying to work out the evening schedule with dinner plans, work, kids, etc. is definitely an issue that I have to juggle manage myself.

Here’s what my Summer evenings usually look like on our running days. The reason I specifically say Summer days is because of the time and daylight hours we have; it’s abit different in the Winter months.

-I usually get home from work around 4:30-5 and have my evening cup of coffee and a snack, usually an apple and peanut butter.
-If the kids are home and I’m cooking a full dinner, I’ll usually start it pretty quickly after having my coffee so it will be ready around 6ish. I also like having it done and ready so we can eat pretty soon after our run.
-Around 6:30 we head out for our run-an average of three miles.
-After running, we’ll come in, have our protein shake while we’re cooling off and then eat dinner.
-If it’s just the two of us, I normally don’t cook a big meal and we’ll have an egg, hummus and avocado sandwich or tuna sandwich or something similarly quick to prepare.

Andie also mentioned that she skipped dinner a couple of times due to the time. While I totally understand this and have been guilty of it too, I don’t recommend it. After a workout our body is at its highest refueling point and needs the protein and food source to reenergize it for muscle healing and recovery. Our body also heals itself during sleep so it’s also important to have a nutritious food source available for it so it can do just that. You evening meal doesn’t have to be heavy, but make it packed out with lean, high protein with some carbs for refueling.

I’ve found the best way to manage the typical American household’s busy evenings is planning ahead. Plan beforehand and prepare accordingly…make it as easy on yourself as possible and I’ve discovered with more planning the less stressful things are.

Thanks again, Andie for such a great question.

If you have your own question you would like me to answer in a blog post, feel free to email me or leave a comment below!

4 Comments on Reader Question-What Is My Evening Running Routine?

  1. Love this & it is all about planning for sure! Without that, it tends to become a jumbled mess! 😉

    I had a relaxing day yesterday & also worked out! 🙂

    • Thanks Jody! Crazy how we can have both relaxing and work out days on the same day! I love it. ‘Cause for me when I do workout out, I’m more relaxed! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the post-great info like always! I live in south Tx where the sun is hot, hot, hot! I’ve been leaving about 8pm when the sun is more forgiving & there’s usually a nice breeze. So 9pm is way too late for me to have dinner. Perhaps this week I’ll suck it up & head out earlier. I’ll keep you posted 😀

    • Hey Andie! What about having a light dinner around around 6 which will give your stomach a couple of hours to settle before running at 8? Then when you come in from running, have a light snack such as a yogurt or fruit and peanut butter. Let me know how you do! 🙂

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