As much as I love to run and get in a hot and sweaty workout, I’ve found that it’s important to listen to my body. I had full intentions of this being a running day.  It’s been several days and I’m antsy to get on the road, but that’s not what my body intended for me. Earlier in the evening I had eaten a sandwich…light enough I thought to eat an hour or so before going on my run. But one word put a stop to my running plans:  Lactose.  Some days I can tolerate eating sandwich bread, but this day was not the day.  So, with my tummy feeling as poorly as it was, there was no way I could get out and jostle it any further with running.

So we walked.

As ticked as I was that I wasn’t able to run, I never regret getting out and walking!  I may start out frustrated, but always finish feeling good.  Walking gives the hubs and I a chance to talk and discuss life ….something that running doesn’t always give us.

So the next time you’re not up for a run, go for a walk instead.  I bet you don’t regret it either.

3 Comments on Some Days are Just Walking Days

  1. I just love this & yes, we do have to listen to the bod & walking allows some added benefits if we can’t run! 🙂 Beautiful pics!!!

  2. Hey there! Baby pretty much told me on my last run that we’re probably on to “walking days” — Due in 6 days now, and ran a fwe days ago – really uncomfortable for the first time. Thinking I’m done now til after the delivery 🙂 Sorry it’s so hot there!! At least that’s one thing that can be said for all the rain here in England – certainly cools things off!!

    • Hey Coreyanne! I would have given up running much earlier than it sounds like you did! Good for you! All the best with the new baby!

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