Working Fitness in Your Work Day

Healthy living became a priority when my Mom was diagnosed with two different types of cancer in two different places. While she is doing exceptionally well today, she taught me that the choices I make today (good or bad) will set the stage for my tomorrow (good or bad). While I can’t completely prevent cancer, I decided that I want to pursue good choices today so that I may help pave the way for a healthy, good life tomorrow.

One of the biggest changes I needed to make was adapting my everyday work life to inspire healthy (good) choices. Working at the office lends to sitting all day and tempting office treats (think cupcakes, donuts, and the candy jar).

I began a quest to make my office hours my “get fit” hours. Talk about multitasking! I modified my workspace and my day to accommodate the lifestyle I wanted to live. Here are six ways I stay fit-focused during my workday:

1.) Office Space: While I don’t have a standing treadmill in my office, I have propped up my computer and keyboard to allow me stand comfortably while I work at my computer.  Standing makes your body constantly engage your muscles and core to provide proper balance. I’ve heard that standing burns twice as many calories as sitting. If you must sit, set a timer to remind you to stretch at least one minute every half hour.

2.) Hydrate: I keep a large water bottle at arm’s reach on my desk. I try my hardest to refill it at least once during my work day. I also have green tea on hand to keep my energy and my metabolism up.

3.) Workout: I designate at least half of my lunch hour for the gym. To avoid getting sweaty, I strength train during this time. My membership in this gym includes group classes that are offered at different points of the day. I take advantage of a few throughout the week.

If it is raining or too cold to walk to the gym, I do a modified workout in my office space with an extra set of free weights I keep under my desk. On gorgeous days when I just want to be outside, I power walk or run around the city.

4.) Coworkers: Share your love of health and fitness in everyday conversation with coworkers. This will hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. Though I am not an expert on nutrition, coworkers know that health is a priority of mine and they come to me for nutrition and workout advice. Knowing that I can play a positive role in another’s health pursuit motivates me.

5.) Brown Bag Lunch: I bring my own homemade lunches to work every day so I control what I consume. I prepare lunches for the workweek every Sunday so I don’t feel rushed when I am getting ready for work in the mornings.

Ever hear the phrase, “Let’s continue this meeting over lunch?” If you must eat out, have a handful of safe restaurant choices to suggest. Know what you should and should not order at these restaurants. I collect nutrition guides for the places our office typically goes and I’ve memorized safe options on the menu that will keep me health focused.

6.) Be Prepared: No matter what, ALWAYS pack your gym clothes. At the very least, pack your tennis shoes. Even if you think you’re too busy to work out one day, an appointment or meeting may be cancelled or postponed as they tend to do. Use that new free time to get a quick workout in—even a walk around the block.

If fitness is a priority, you’ll make time for it, even during your work day. You may have to think creatively, but the important thing is to remember that any movement counts and every small change can have a positive impact on your life.

How do you make fitness a priority during your work day?

Katie is a 25 year old a 25 year old fitness and wellness lover living in Lexington, KY. Her blog, Wish and Whimsy follows her life and interests in food, fitness, healthy living, and other random adventures.  You can read more of her adventures over at Wish & Whimsy.

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